Three Advantages of Driveway Paving

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If you are a homeowner, choosing a driveway paving material that will last for years to come is important. Many people choose asphalt due to its durability, flexibility, and overall design. The materials used in asphalt construction are more cost-effective both initially and in terms of ongoing user expenses.

Three Advantages of Driveway Paving

Here are some of the top advantages of asphalt driveway paving:

  1. Safe and Skid-Resistant: Asphalt provides skid resistance in regions with cold climates, making it safer to use the driveway during unfavorable weather conditions. By using open-graded asphalt, the splash or spray of water can be minimized. Additionally, the dark color of asphalt contributes to safety by reducing glare and facilitating faster melting of ice.
  2. Cost-Effective, Durable, and Sustainable: Asphalt is cost-effective and sustainable. It can be 100% recycled, requires less energy for installation, and generates no post-consumer waste. Furthermore, asphalt pavement has low life cycle costs, as it can last for years with proper maintenance. When it eventually needs replacement, it can be recycled into other asphalt-based products, such as shingles or conventional pavement, with minimal modification.
  3. Durable and Low Maintenance: Asphalt’s flexibility allows it to withstand occasional overloads without sustaining significant damage. Asphalt is also resistant to the freeze-thaw cycle and de-icing salts, providing superior performance during harsh weather conditions. Its durability also means that it experiences fewer cracks due to temperature and weather changes, resulting in inexpensive and easy maintenance repairs.

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