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Proper drainage is crucial in an asphalt surface, which is why land grading is always part of our paving process.

For the past three generations, our team at R & R Paving and Grading has been focused on providing high-quality paving services. Over the years, we’ve worked on many paving projects for our clients and understand the best practices that provide the best possible results. Before we start laying the asphalt to create a smooth and finished surface, we begin by preparing and grading the site. Land grading is an essential step in the paving process that helps to ensure that the new surface won’t have ongoing drainage problems.

Land Grading in Sparta, Tennessee

Since asphalt is constantly exposed to the changing climate conditions, it can take a lot of abuse. Heavy rain and snow can lead to moisture accumulation, which needs a place to drain. If the water just sits on top of the surface, it can erode the materials in the asphalt, leading to cracking, the formation of potholes, and other damage.

Proper drainage is crucial in maintaining the appearance and functionality of an asphalt surface, which is why land grading is always part of our paving process. Land grading involves adjusting the slope of the land to ensure proper drainage. The slope helps the water move off the paved surface and away from any nearby structures, helping to prevent the risk of moisture damage.

After we complete the land grading process, we can continue with the next steps in creating the paved surface. Our technicians have extensive experience in the industry and take pride in providing high-quality craftmanship that exceeds client expectations. Contact us to learn more or request a quote for land grading services in Sparta, Tennessee.

At R & R Paving and Grading, we offer land grading services for customers in Crossville, Tennessee and the surrounding area, including Cookeville, Sparta, Livingston, Spring City, Jamestown, Roane County, and Cumberland County.