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Our experienced technicians offer asphalt patching services that can repair cracks and potholes.

Asphalt is a durable material that has many uses and applications. When you look around at the roads and paved pathways around you, it’s evident just how often asphalt is used in the construction industry. But despite its durability, asphalt can sustain damage that requires repair. When a paved surface is no longer smooth, it can create hazards for those walking or driving on it. Cracks and gaps in the material can be resolved, and you don’t have to remove and replace the asphalt altogether. Patching is an effective solution to asphalt damage, and it’s something that we offer at R & R Paving and Grading.

Patching in Sparta, Tennessee

Over time, asphalt takes a significant beating from the vehicles that drive over it and the changing climate conditions that it’s exposed to constantly. This abuse can cause the asphalt to sustain damage, but patching may be the solution to this common issue. Here in Sparta, Tennessee, our experienced technicians offer asphalt patching services that can repair cracks and potholes. This cost-effective alternative to replacement is incredibly effective, repairing up to several inches of the existing surface. Our process includes laying new asphalt and adhering it to the surface with grinding or tack coating.

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With three generations of experience in the asphalt industry, we’re one of the most established and knowledgeable paving companies in the Sparta area. We’ve worked on countless projects over the years, including many that involved patching service. If you’re concerned about the condition of your asphalt, contact us to find out if it can be patched.

At R & R Paving and Grading, we offer patching services for customers in Crossville, Tennessee and the surrounding area, including Cookeville, Sparta, Livingston, Spring City, Jamestown, Roane County, and Cumberland County. 


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