What Is Sealcoating? A Homeowner's Guide

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Sealcoating refers to applying a protective coating to asphalt pavements. Sealcoating acts as a defensive barrier for your driveway, making it water resistant and preventing cracks and voids. Asphalt driveways outlast concrete driveways so long as they are properly maintained. With routine sealcoating, you’ll protect your investment in a long-lasting driveway.

What Is Sealcoating? A Homeowner's Guide

Here’s our homeowners guide to sealcoating:

  • Regularly sealcoat every 2-3 years. Sealcoating adds a protective layer to your driveway that needs to be reapplied every few years. This keeps your driveway protected, while also providing the opportunity to routinely address any cracks or voids that may have formed between coatings.
  • Sealcoating protects your driveway and keeps it looking great. Sealcoating is made of a mix of asphalt emulsion, mineral fillers, and water. Not only does this application seal and protect your driveway, but it also gives a fresh, vibrant look.
  • The weather matters when sealcoating. You’ll need a clear, tempered forecast for sealcoating. Since it takes several hours to dry and sometimes requires more than one application, it’s important to make sure the weather cooperates.
  • It’s a process. Your driveway will need to be cleaned and repaired as needed in preparation for sealcoating. The driveway’s edge will also need to be prepped to prevent the coating from getting on the grass around your driveway. Once the sealcoating is applied, it usually takes several hours to set.

While there are DIY sealcoating kits available, professional contractors use special equipment and quality sealants to provide the best possible protection for your driveway. Not only that, but professionals are well versed in common asphalt driveway issues and can address those during a sealcoating project. At R & R Paving and Grading, we strive to provide a flawless finish so that your driveway looks great and stays protected for years to come.